"Jennifer delivers the best creative, on time, and on budget...period. Can't say enough wonderful things about her. I highly, highly recommend her work." Jane H. Gross, Executive Director, On Air Promotions, Nickelodeon


"I've worked with many directors and producers in my time and Jennifer stands head and antlers above the rest. She is a true collaborator who will always deliver something infinitely better than your best expectations. She's the kind of director you work with once and enjoy the process so much that you find yourself creating new projects just so you can have the pleasure of working with her again." Ron Hebshie, Owner BRANDhesive & Former Director of Marketing at G4 TV​



"Jennifer is a Producer/Director that has delivered on projects for me time and time again. Her creative process is focused and driven, her ideas are unique and always well-executed. She has a vision for what can serve a project in the best way and she works from project inception to final delivery to produce quality, artistic material and keep her clients happy and eagerly coming back for more." Allie Rosenzweig, Former Supervising Producer, Giant Interactive



"We finally just saw "The Burpos: 11 Heavenly Years Later". It was awesome. Very pleased with it. It represented us, Imperial, NE, church and Jesus very well. Thank you. " Sonja Burpo and the Burpo Family. August, 2014.


(A personal note written to Jennifer Peterson in regards to the documentary she produced and directed for the "Heaven is for Real" DVD.)


and more...

"Jennifer is one of those rare individuals that has a combination of Director/Producer skills and experience that are second to none. She is intelligent, prepared and leads a production with grace. From concept to screen her energy and enthusiasm are ever present in her performance and presentation.

Jennifer is quick on her feet and can handle any situation that is thrown her way. She is a people person. An attentive listener and communicator making her one of the best interviewers I know.

Jennifer is "A" list all the way." Ed Dadulak, Owner HDPro Video



"When Jennifer interviews you, you feel like you're the only one in the room." Academy Award winning actor, Martin Landau, Ed Wood

"Jennifer is an amazing director and she has a sixth sense in everything she does... she possesses unlimited skill and expertise and produces at the highest level... COME ON!" Murphy Jensen, 1993 French Open Winner and TV Personality